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Welcome to is a personal site created and maintained by fans of meteorology, photography, travel and many other things.

In principle, the idea was to offer on-line data collected by our meteorological station. Then we began to provide weather data from other locations using the synop reports which are published on the Internet, becoming the section of weather data.

'Places' and 'articles' sections were added later.

weather data

Important notice: the SYNOP/BUFR observed data and the GFS/ECMWF forecast data has been moved to the new website

Data of our DAVIS VENTAGE PRO station is available in three ways:

     -In text format: all the variables are shown in an 5 minutes interval for the period and date chosen.
     -In graphic format: graphics of all variables are shown for the period and date chosen.
     -Extreme Data: Extreme values of all variables are shown by days for the period and date chosen.


Through articles with photo collections, we want to share and give small indications that we believe are useful about those places we have visited and have left us special memories.


In this section we will include any information, news, etc..interesting for us or that we think that can be useful.


Our e-mail address is mundomanz (to) Any suggest, opinion, contribution, etc is welcome. We'll try also to solve any question related to the contents of this website.